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Build a life you love as a single parent.

Single and Mighty brings practical advice and inspiring stories to help you live an amazing life as a single parent.

Life as a single parent can make your head spin. It doesn't have to be that way.

Join us for community, inspiration, and great ideas to inspire your life as a single parent.

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Carmel Ecker and Lindsay Carlson podcast hosts

Single parents deserve a great life.

As a single parent, you deserve to lead a life that fills you up. That’s why we started Single and Mighty. We share stories and big ideas for single parents who are overcoming obstacles, finding their sense of self, and living an amazing life.

We know what it’s like to create a big life as a single parent. It’s not easy! That’s why we share stories and inspiration, a community of other single parents to love on you, financial resources to lift you up, skills development and all the things you need to step into a powerful life as a single parent.

Listen to the show and join us on email. Together, we’ll go from hearing all the negative single-parent stereotypes to seeing powerful possibilities for your life.

Single mom and daughter
Single dad and son
Single mom and kids hanging out in bed

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