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Setbacks and Hitting the “Reset” Button with Lindsay Carlson and Carmel Ecker

Lindsay Carlson and Carmel Ecker, hosts of Single & Mighty podcast.

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Today’s conversation started with one little question: what does it mean to hit the “reset button” when things don’t go our way?

Setbacks are hard. Keeping it all together, while trying to be great parents for our kids, growing businesses, dating, and going after personal goals… it can be messy.

Carmel and Lindsay have a lot to say about this – especially since taking a few weeks off of the podcast. We’re back and committed to a third season here for you.

This one’s not an interview. It’s the two of us catching up on some big lessons we’ve learned this year — and in our 10+ years as single parents.

We talk about:

  • What to do when a longstanding co-parenting agreement no longer fits
  • Making time for dating and slowing down enough to nurture a relationship
  • Setbacks we’ve both faced lately and the self-care strategies we turn to
  • Getting past mental blocks and going after what we want in life
  • The sometimes-hard reality of feeling isolated or lonely as a single parent
  • What saying “yes” to our goals looks like in the long term

As single parents, it can be extra easy to get stuck in ruts of negative thinking or limiting beliefs — especially when we hit a setback

Setbacks don’t have to keep us stuck — we just need to hit that reset button.

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