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The Power of Sharing your Single Parent Story with Carmel Ecker

In this interview, we talk to Single & Mighty co-host, Carmel Ecker about her single-parent story.

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Carmel here. I’m excited to be sharing my story with you, not because it’s exceptional, but because I expect you might see yourself in it and see that you’re not alone.

While my story may be common, I believe the way I see it and tell it is unique.
With so many families experiencing divorce these days, the face of single parents is changing. And thank goodness! The historic stereotypes about single moms and single dads are generally outdated and unhelpful.

Getting divorced and becoming a single parent was the BEST thing that could have happened to me. It snapped me into a new way of being and I needed that. I had been floating along following someone else’s formula for life and failing miserably at it.

Just because it was the best thing that could have happened doesn’t mean it was easy. It’s been a bumpy ride and we’ll talk about that in this interview.

We also talk about:

  • How divorce can actually benefit your kids
  • Forgiving yourself for mistakes
  • Building community and asking for help
  • The life-changing magic of hiring a coach
  • Beware the crappy stories you’ve been telling yourself
  • Becoming an entrepreneur
  • The example we’re setting for our kids
  • Permission to not be super mom
  • The fallacy of a balanced life
  • Mountain biking as meditation
  • Co-parenting peacefully

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