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The Awesome Stuff: A Single Dad’s Quest with David Delisle

In this interview, we talk to David Delisle about co-parenting as a single dad, and his philosophy on finances and “the awesome stuff” in life. 

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David Delisle is an author, entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and most importantly, a dad. He’s also a single parent, navigating the world of co-parenting with a unique perspective and a wealth of practical tips. In this blog post, we delve into David’s experiences, his fabulous graphic novel “The Golden Quest,” and his advice for single parents.

David’s book teaches kids and adults how to find and focus on the “awesome stuff” in their lives. It’s about finances, but it’s also about so much more. As David puts it, “It’s really about that mindset and that focus.” The book encourages readers to ask themselves why they want more money and what truly makes them happy. It’s a lesson in financial literacy and personal fulfillment.

David shares his journey as a single parent, his experiences, and the lessons he’s learned along the way. He shares custody with his ex, having his two boys boys every other week.

Key takeaways from our conversation with David:

  • Co-parenting and Single Parenting: David shared his experience of co-parenting, emphasizing the importance of making transitions as smooth as possible for the kids. He also highlighted the significance of understanding the different energy in each household and how it affects the kids.
  • Building a Support Network: David stressed the importance of having a network of other parents to lean on. He suggested organizing carpooling, sharing pick-up duties, and generally helping each other out to make parenting easier.
  • Understanding the Importance of Money: David’s book teaches kids about financial literacy. However, the underlying message is about understanding why we want more money and focusing on what’s truly important in life.

David’s approach to co-parenting is pragmatic and focused on making things easier for everyone involved. He emphasizes the importance of community and reaching out to other parents for support. He believes in the power of carpooling, setting up playdates, and having a network of parents to call on when needed.

David also shares some practical tips for single parents, especially those who are newly divorced. He talks about the importance of creating a comfortable transition for the kids between two households. He suggests having duplicates of essential items in both homes to minimize the need for packing and unpacking. He also acknowledges the emotional transition kids go through when shifting between households and advises parents to be patient and understanding during these times.

One of David’s key insights is about the importance of understanding what truly makes us happy. He encourages parents to question why they want more money and to focus on the “awesome stuff” in their lives. As he puts it, “The awesome stuff is different for everybody.”

“It doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you don’t really know why you want more, you’ll always want more.” David’s goal is to remind us all to focus on what truly matters in life, rather than getting caught up in the pursuit of wealth for its own sake.

David’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, community, and focusing on what truly matters. His experiences as a single parent and his insights from “The Golden Quest” offer valuable lessons for all parents, single or otherwise. Listen in and enjoy!


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More about our guest:

David Delisle, founder of The Awesome Stuff™, is an Amazon bestselling author, entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, and most importantly, dad. He is a contributor to Entrepreneur, Yahoo! News, GoBankingRates, Money Club and more.

David offers us a new way to think by noticing the weight of our words, choices, actions and the world around us. He wrote his first book, a graphic novel called The Golden Quest, which was published in 2022. The book, and much of what David shares, is centered around seemingly simple concepts that hold the power to transform your mindset and everyday habits.

David teaches kids (and adults) how to live a richer life and create the freedom for what is most important to them… the Awesome Stuff™.

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