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Rising Above: Shattering Stereotypes as a Young Single Parent with Samantha Isales

Meet Samantha Isales. She turned stereotypes on their heads as a teenage mom and is now a beloved and fierce non-profit ambassador. 

Samantha Isales Podcast Guest
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In this episode, Samantha Isales delves into her life as a first-generation college graduate and single mom. Learn about her struggles, triumphs, and advocacy for marginalized communities.

Samantha became a single mom in high school, facing struggles due to lack of support from school advisors and teachers. She worked hard to balance supporting her family, caring for her son, and continuing her education. Despite these challenges, she graduated from an alternative high school within the same year and went on to college.

From an early age, Samantha had to balance her goals and education with parenting and making a living. Her experience and now her advocacy work remind us how important community support is and the impact we can have when we understand each other’s challenges.

Join us as Samantha Isales shares her inspiring journey from a high school single mom to a college graduate and community advocate.

1:49 – Listen for how educators reacted when Samantha became a parent in high school and how she managed to continue her education and believe in her own ability to succeed. We also talk about a more helpful approach educators could take when finding out about teenage pregnancy.
5:28 – How she became the first in her family to graduate college despite the challenges.
19:15 – Samantha’s heart for advocacy and how she’s building a career where she can give back to her community.

Tune in for a genuine conversation about overcoming some of life’s toughest challenges and what can happen when we help each other out.

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