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Rebuilding After Adversity with Torlando Hakes

We talk to single dad, Torlando Hakes, about rebuilding your life after difficult times. 

Guest Torlando Hakes
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Life has its ups and downs. On our “Single and Mighty” podcast, Torlando Hakes shared his personal story. In his time as a single parent, he had some pretty big challenges to overcome. 

Over a decade ago, Torlando got married and had two daughters. But by 2019, things began to change. Right before his birthday, his marriage came apart. Life is full of surprises, both good and bad. Torlando had some difficult days to walk through. As he says, there’s a lot we can learn and grow from, even in hard times. 

Starting over can be scary. Whether it’s after a relationship ends or when we feel lost, it can seem really hard. But listening to Torlando, we learn that with some effort and focus, we can find our way and come out stronger.

Here’s what we can learn from Torlando’s story:

  • Self-reflection is Powerful: Hard times make us think about who we really are and what matters to us.
  • Embrace the New Start: Every ending can be a chance to start something new and exciting.
  • Hold onto Your Anchors: Life can be crazy. For Torlando, his daughters and moments of quiet helped him stay balanced.

Life doesn’t always go the way we plan. We all face challenges. But stories like Torlando’s remind us that we’re not alone. We can get through tough times, learn, and grow.

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