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The Truth about Mom Guilt with Jenn Herman

In this interview, we talk to Jenn Herman about single parent life, mom guilt, and building your supportive community.

Jenn Herman on Podcast for single parents
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Jenn Herman is founder of Jenn’s Trends, and a globally recognized expert, speaker, and author on Instagram marketing. On top of all that, she’s a single mom raising her daughter on her own.

Jenn’s journey into single parenthood began when she split from her ex early on. She initially shared custody before eventually assuming full responsibility for her daughter. During this transition, Jenn has built her own supportive community of mom-friends, loving neighbors, and nannies in order to get it all done. She’s a savvy and resourceful single parent.

We especially love how intentionally Jenn strengthens her connections, essentially building a “village” around her daughter. She even created her own cheering squad of mom friends and loved ones for a special event this year.

We talk about setting boundaries, prioritizing self-care and seeking help when necessary. 

We hope you’ll find Jenn’s single parent story inspiring! 

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