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From Side Hustle to 7-Figure Entrepreneur with Lisa Cumes

In this interview, we talk Lisa Cumes, about balancing big ambitions as a parent and entrepreneur. 

Lisa Cumes single parent story
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Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight Lisa Cumes, a single parent who transformed her side hustle into a seven-figure business, all while balancing the demands of parenthood and personal growth.

Lisa began her entrepreneurial journey as a part-time freelancer, juggling her responsibilities as a single parent with her ambition to provide for her family. Over time, her side hustle evolved into a thriving business — fueled by the need to get creative with her schedule and her commitments. 

Listen for key takeaways:

How to Embrace Constraints: We love how Lisa views constraints as opportunities for growth and innovation, instead of letting them hold her back. 

Time Management: Lisa mastered the art of time-blocking, carving out dedicated slots for her business, family time, and taking care of herself. She realized that accepting help, such as carpooling, allowed her to be a better mom and entrepreneur.

Mindset: Listen for how Lisa upleveled her mindset as she built her business and family life.

Community & Support: You’ll also hear Lisa’s tips for finding your community and getting the support you deserve. 

Boundaries: Lisa shares practical tips for setting expectations and creating empowering language around your boundaries.

Finding Freedom: Like so many parents who are also entrepreneurs, Lisa loves the opportunity to shape her business around her life, rather than fitting her life around her work.

Taking Charge: Lisa’s journey as a single parent was marked by her decision to take full responsibility for her situation, viewing it as an opportunity for growth rather than a setback.

Lisa’s story is a shining example of resilience, creativity, and the power of a positive mindset. Her journey from a single parent with a side hustle, to a seven-figure entrepreneur serves as an inspiration for all of us, reminding us that our challenges can also be our greatest opportunities for growth.

 Tune in, and let’s continue to learn, grow, and redefine what’s possible as single parents!

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