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Regaining Financial Footing After Divorce or Separation with Michelle Jacobik

In this interview, we talk with financial expert Michelle Jacobik, about her money journey post-divorce.

Michelle Jacobic on regaining financial footing after divorce
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Let’s talk about MONEY!!

Michelle Jacobik joins us today to discuss lessons learned from her money journey as she transitioned from a partnership to being a single parent.

A big dreamer, Michelle has never let anything hold her back and her story demonstrates an amazing ability to pair her big dreams with practical actions to make those dreams happen.

As a financial expert, Michelle lays out her pillars for achieving your financial goals.

We cover:
• Addressing the grief of divorce instead of numbing
• Developing self-trust through the hard times
• Making sure everyone has the tools they need
• Navigating a new financial landscape as a single parent
• How to redesign your life
• Discerning between good and bad advice

Learn more about Michelle Jacobik at

Get a copy of her book, “Prosperity After Divorce: Take Charge of Your Finances and Create the Life You REALLY Want Using LifeStyle Re-Design Planning”, on Amazon:

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