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Choosing to be a Single Parent with Kris Jones

In this interview, we talk with single mom by choice Kris Jones, about her unconventional journey of motherhood.

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Would you choose to become a single parent?

That’s the choice this episode’s guest, Kris Jones, made when at age 39, she didn’t have a life partner and yet felt ready to be a mom.

She found a single moms by choice group and met other women who were also unpartnered and wanted to have children. Kris has shown that with a powerful community behind them, single parents can thrive.

Kris talks with us about how she balances being a single parent, an entrepreneur and a real estate investor.

Among her secrets for success:
• Foster a positive mindset and look for opportunity in every situation
• Try new things to figure out what works for you
• Engage in a supportive community
• Create a living space that feels good for you
• Listen to your wise inner voice

We hope you enjoy and are inspired by this episode.

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