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Build your dream one step at a time with Lynn Tickner

In this interview, we talk with powerhouse mom and entrepreneur, Lynn Tickner, about her single-parent journey.

Lynn Tickner podcast guest on Single & Mighty
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Meet powerhouse mom, educator and entrepreneur Lynn Tickner.
Lynn spent many years in a dysfunctional marriage, following bad advice that carried her further and further away from herself.
As the sole breadwinner for her family while also home schooling her kids, she shouldered a lot of responsibilities and was under a lot of external pressure to stay in the relationship.
After many conversations with supportive friends and ongoing self-reflection, she found the courage to leave and hasn’t looked back. Having now built a successful business and her perfect house, she believes her best days are ahead of her.
Lynn has a lot of wisdom to offer in our short time together and we’re excited to share her story.

Key points:
• The kind of friends you need to see you through tough times
• What it takes to have friendships that are 100% honest
• Why it’s never too late to grow into the person you want to be
• Give yourself grace no matter what happens
• What future You really wants you to do today
• How to build your dream one step at a time
• What it means to be mighty

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